Sunday, January 06, 2013

Thoughts on Creativity/Inside or Outside Worlds

When I am working as I am now, in process mode, I come head to head with a strange problem.  There are basically two inputs into the work.  Things come from an internal mythology, a personal kind of mark making, mixed up with an individualized visual language coming from years of doing things a certain way.   Then there is another side made up of interpretation of the world, the lake that I see every day, light, nature, the sky right here.  Not at all magic, but then, in every way magic.

The two inputs, wishing to become outputs, fight with me a little for dominance.  Maybe eventually, or maybe already, they blend a little.  I talked with an artist friend this week who knew exactly what I was dealing with, and although he had no answers for me, he had answers for himself, which are obvious in his work. Anyway, just writing it down, and talking about it, is useful in sorting out the direction.

I want to compare this to dancing, and it may be a far reach, but I feel it there too.  I move a certain way, the inborn, personal way which is not style, and not learned, but is innate.  Then I have the learned ways to interpret tango (as a follower) based on some real and proved right way to do that as based on what has been seen and done in the past....Having awareness of both is good, but crazy making.  At least with my artwork, I am the only one in charge.


Halbert said...

I think you are probably right in the right spot. If we think about extremes: a robot could dance in the completely 'correct' fashion, but have no style or feeling, and be unsatisfying. (Maybe still 'comfortable' in some sense, given correct posture, etc.) Similarly, a camera perfectly reproduces (paints) a landscape.

At the other end, you could imagine dancing with a complete 'free spirit' ... it might be enjoyable, but it would not feel good physically, because all the cues your body expects and uses would be missing. Similarly, perhaps, would be a child's painting -- beautiful display of the emotions and abilities of the child, but it doesn't speak to an adult perspective (My ability to create art analogies is limited.)

Anyway -- somewhere between these things is the right place, I think.

Elizabeth Brinton said...

Thanks Halbert,
You have a lovely way of saying this, perfectly clear.
the analogies about art are spot on.