Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Work Days

I am on the fifth color of a screen print.  Only about fifteen colors left to go.  And a deadline looms. But who's counting?  The sun came out for the first time in months, and I caught the scent of earth.  So any trips from studio to house have detours and stolen time of weeding and gazing into the hearts of little green things emerging from the dark.  

It feels good to be back doing something I actually know how to do, after my distant and exotic trips into etching.  A pure joy, even with the normal challenges.

It will be a benefit to have etching and monoprint in the repertoire. There can be deeper blacks, and fog, and steam, and heat.  Magic.

Opportunities came this year, and they told me to get the hell back to work.  Tragedy came, and told me that life if short and to get a move on.  Students walked back into my work life and asked to learn this crazy, old fashioned, deeply interesting work called printmaking.  

Note:  This is now a blog about my work.  Tango will naturally make an appearance now and then.  All dance related entries are archived now, and being edited.  I took them down to make clarity in the change of  subject, and because now and then I find my own words used without credit (or blame) given to me.  The tango writing is being published in a small artsy book of essays one of these days.

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