Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some Sketches From Venice and other Things

 The view from the apartment in Venice.  I hope I get the same room or at least that side of the building next year.
 The Franchetti Palazzo where Bertil Vallien had his great show while I was there.
 A neighborhood in Venice.
 Some hodgepodge of Venetian forms, and a real place,
These are all very rough fast sketches done in small (around 9 x 6 in.) format using charcoal, some watercolor, india ink, and whatever is at hand.

Anyway I promised to post some of these.  There are lots of them.  Maybe some will become prints.  I am working out aquatint trials and getting good or at least workable results for this lovely, but somewhat challenging technique of etching.  Hope to post some of those soon.  So much to do.  And gardening season upon us.  And Italian language study, and producing for the normal galleries and taking care of the home.  All of those things matter, and contribute in fact, to the success of the artwork.

Small scale distractions are the enemy.

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