Friday, April 05, 2013


So.  Art.  Onward.  There is delight in organizing, gathering materials and setting up for work which will come from new knowledge and inspiration found at the the Scuola and in Venice, and right here in the neighborhood.  Like cooking, one gets calm, gathers, prepares, transforms somethings into something, serves, eats.  And then goes on again. 

 Process is the art, the state of being in work is the whole, entire, and complete point.  The physical art piece itself can carry energy and can continue to sing on it's own in a good environment, (not in the closet). The tax lady says I am in the category of "manufacturing", which is just crazy.  What am I manufacturing....ideas put onto paper, or canvas.  Dreams, nightmares, hope, despair, discomfort, mystery, anarchy, stories, bliss, prayers.  These prayers won't coordinate with the decor.  

I haven't danced quite as much, but when I do it feels deeper and sweeter than ever. The focus has shifted toward community and friendships.  I haven't done much DJ-ing at all, finding a centering quality to the radical practice of getting enough sleep!  I am in the flow of the new work and it feels great.  I will see if there is a dance-able and DJ-able schedule. Things have changed, and continue to, in regard to the building effect of having stayed with art for so long. And I realized that it would be a squandering folly to neglect my work in order to chase down tango, especially since tango already lives at my house.

Today: Find a diamond tip etching needle, continue with small experimental plates,  think about light on water and look at my drawings, prints, and photos of water.  Decide things. Listen to Schubert. Enjoy the green glow of the rainy day. O.K. maybe a little tango.....

NOTE:  Readers asked why they can't find the tango entries.  I archived everything prior to my residency in Italy.  If there is an article you are searching for, you can ask me for it and I can send you a link.  Also, I saw  my writings on other blogs where my writing was unattributed.  I don't mind people posting, or sharing, but would ask that they contact me first, and give me credit (or blame) for the material.

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Terpsichoral said...

I read that as "I haven't danced quite as much, but when I do it feels deeper and sweatier than ever." That's tango for you -- sweet and sweaty. :-)