Friday, June 07, 2013

Hooray Hooray for the Chine-Colle

Venice Sketch, drypoint and chine-colle.
(a technique for printing on delicate papers. These are hand colored Japanese rice papers.  They are mounted and printed at the same pass of the press, creating a melding of color backgrounds, and the drypoint print.)  Chine colle, from the French, chine for silk and colle for collage. Colle should have the mark over the e, but it won't work on this blogger thing.

Just enjoying the short summer of the Pacific Northwest by working my tail off.  Studio days start earlier, go later, and energy goes up.
For awhile, after returning from Italy, I worked on.....Italy.  The sketches are, like an old friend tells me, "money in the bank."  Meaning a lot of things, but mostly, that those notations come back often at right moment.  Even the bad ones have something to offer at another time.

I am working on:  Drawings, large and often in paynes grey on canvas covered in gesso.  Drawings direct from the plants currently growing in the garden.  Etchings/drypoints of those, and forays into aquatint, (hard) and chine colle, (thrilling).  I am coloring my own Japanese papers for the chine colle.  Now, the next thing, drypoints of the botanical stuff with chine colle.   The subject is all so immediate because of the moment in the garden.  Venice sketches still getting treatments, currently re the chine colle.  So there you have it and it makes no sense I'm sure, but really it does.  I need to make some video but I only have two hands. 

(Foxgove, drypoint and chine colle with hand colored papers.)
The capturing of the feeling of the thing is a goal above all others. A mere dash of this green or that magenta is enough, without requirement of overdoing and filling in.  

Tango:  Thought a lot about it while still dancing but getting a bit back from it as far as personal identification.  I love love love to dance tango. Here too, it's the feeling. The jamboree/festival/marathon has been sorted from the trance. We dance together and with others who are friends.  The friends part is important and in my opinion is as traditional as it gets. The getting together is the whole point. We are ensconced here in work and life, and when we have time, we tango.  How we love summer, how short it is!

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msHedgehog said...

The getting together with people is a lot of it for me, too, although there are other excitements. And yes, it is so short! I am a few degrees north of you, even. I am going to dress warmly and study Spanish in the park. I love the joyous colour and dignified simplicity of your prints. Hoping to see you in Spring.

I can usually get the accent with ctrl+alt+e - é. Blogger has been known to munch it if I draft and save more than once, though.