Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Flower-Fall Series

As yet untitled monotype,  18 x 12 on Somerset paper, printed on my Sturges etching press.  One plate printed three times.  Once with yellow, once with magenta, and once with blue.

 I am working a great deal of the time these days. Moving between several absorbing projects and preparing for Fall shows, and a studio open house in October. The work shown here is a monotype.  Why monotype? Velvety layers of primary (process) colors overlaid in multiple printings makes for great depth and beauty.  Balancing technique with the surprises, (make it good, make it magic).  I will be returning to my aquatint experiments in hopes of being able to edition work with this kind of color saturation, layering, and the random neon edges smearing out a bit. I have requested some high level help.  More later.  

As of today there are eight images in this format, but some are horizontal, some are lighter in tone with softer pastel-y colors, and greys. During the Summer Solstice it seems a little counter-intuitive, but the darks work for me.  

There are subtleties that cannot be reproduced here. Maybe you can see the boats, or the skull, or the ghost of my father. Next up, the moon, a lizard, tango shoes dancing with the dahlias and the arugula.

Studio News: 

This is a new blog. The Wake Up Station was a gas station that my husband remembers from Indiana.

I am going to Greece for a residency soon.  I may continue the work in monotype there.  But we shall see.  It is nice and portable, there are two presses at the Foundation, and all of the supplies.  One thing (among many things) learned in the past two sessions in Venice:  Be Flexible,  Try it a New Way.  Let some Magic in. 

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